Things I Will Not Miss

Back in Queens, trying to squeeze a month’s worth of catching up with friends and family into my 8 remaining days. Though I managed to move on short notice with very little incident, I was surprised by how reluctant I was to leave Boston. From the beginning, I had only considered it a place I was passing through and with that in mind, deliberately tried not to form attachments. There were times that I hated living in Boston and couldn’t wait to leave.  But on my last night, I kept wishing for another week, a few more days, one more chocolate chip cookie from Paradise Cafe, one more ride on the Red Line at sunset, one more moonlit stroll along the river…

Things I Will Not Miss

1. Red Sox fans

2. Patriots fans

3. Those funny-shaped hot dog buns they only seem to have in Massachusetts

English Buns vs. Normal Buns

4. T commuters who aren’t subway-savvy*

 The things I will miss are numerous and fall mainly into two categories: food and people. Though I tried to watch my figure and keep everyone at arm’s length, I think I undermined my determination. I’ll miss the abundance of trendy restaurants and good takeout (which they have in the gentrified parts of Queens but not in my neck of the woods). I’ll miss the relationships I forged in spite of myself and the people with whom I connected.  Now, headed to a place with far fewer restaurants but many opportunities for building friendships instead of merely collecting acquaintances, I’ll try to keep these things in mind. Even though I’ll just be passing through Dominica as well, I won’t avoid forming attachments. There’s no guarantee that it’ll be easier to leave if I do…


*New Yorkers will know what I mean by this

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