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頭にくる Part 3

June 5, 2008

Here’s a quick Japanese lesson –

頭にくる [atama ni kuru] is an expression used to denote anger, aggravation or annoyance. It focuses on the moment or occurrence of anger and is often used in reference to an event or situation. It is used the way English speakers use the expression ‘ticks me off’ or ‘pisses me off’, so if for example, you wanted to say “Dr. Martin forgot about this morning’s 10 o’clock lecture so now they’re doing it at 11?! Man, that really ticks me off! I had plans to study…”, in Japanese, it’d be something like this:


<<Martinsensei ga kesa no jûji no kôgi o wasureta no de jûichiji ni suru?! Mô, hônto ni atama ni kuru! Benkyô suru yotei ga atta no ni…>>

Literally, the expression translates as ‘comes to [my] head’. I love Japanese phrases and figures of speech. There’s another one for anger, 腹が立つ [hara ga tatsu], which literally translates as ‘[my] stomach stands up’. Haven’t you ever been so mad that your stomach just stood up? Anyway, I was thinking about the former expression, both literally and figuratively, because of the things that came to my head today.