Sitting in the section of the library known as the fishbowl with bilateral sore quadriceps (rectus femoris, vastus medialis, intermedius and lateralis) – it’s delayed muscle ache from the Salybia 5K charity run I completed yesterday. Although it was more like a charity half-n-half (about 50% running and 50% walking) for me, I’m actually quite impressed with myself, not only for doing it in the first place but for finishing in 34 minutes [official time: 33:30.5]. Not bad for a former asthmatic who didn’t take up running until last year. The run, from the gates of campus through Portsmouth to Cabrits National Park wasn’t exactly easy but I was able to appreciate some of the beauty of the island as the path took me along the coastline. Sun-dappled asphalt snaked along to separate vast blue ocean and lush green jungle, natural splendor on either side.

It’s the penultimate week of classes and I needed a distraction from the massive amount of coursework that will be crammed into the final fortnight before the end-of-term exams. Today, we had the DPS practical exam, worth 10% of the final grade. It was actually a treat for me, another chance to show off my skill as a writer as well as exhibit my panache for the the personal side of medicine. I won’t count the chickens before they’ve hatched but I expect to pull a decent score on it…maybe a high A.

The toughest part of the semester is ahead of us and it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep my motivation up and not burn out. I suppose it’s not unlike the last leg of a race – lungs filled with dry fire, muscles like meat and acid, sweat pouring into your eyes, all you want to do is stop and rest for a minute, but you can see the finish line, it’s so very close….time to take a deep breath, give it all you’ve got and run! Any encouragement, however, would be much appreciated.

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