On Sunday, I ran the Salybia 5K. Although I placed the same as I did last semester (16th of the 34 female runners and walkers), I improved my time by nearly 3 minutes! However, that new-found speed is currently being paid for by my poor quadriceps which still ache every time I try to descend a flight of steps. With my trusty old iPod set to my inspirational Sunday morning mix, I started the race with an early burst of speed and was one of the first to come over the hill going up to the Annex and down the road that ends in a T-junction by the coastline. As we passed the halfway mark, my stomach began to churn and my lungs began to burn and people I’d passed began to pass me. I slowed my pace to a jog, trying to get my breathing back to normal and whispering to my GI tract, first threats, then pleas. By the time I’d reached the three-quarters water station, I’d stopped running entirely. As I power-walked through a stretch with no shade, another student came up along my side. Earlier in the week, after she’d mistaken me for my pal who placed 2nd last semester, she asked if I’d be running again and claimed that she was much slower than either of us. She joined me for a few steps and then chided, “You’re going to speed up again, right? You can’t finish back here with me.” I didn’t just want to dash off and leave her behind but I did begin to pick up my pace. Maybe I’d gained my second wind or maybe it was because someone was expecting me to finish ahead but I started running again and didn’t stop until I’d crossed the finish line.

I’ve mentioned the Fortnight of Hell before but this time, I won’t exaggerate – it’s 9 examinations beginning December 5th and ending with Mini III on December 18th. Now, I’m in the Fortnight of Final Preparation which means I basically have 2 weeks to make sure that I’m solid enough on everything I’ve learned since I began med school to pass the semester. This week is packed with class (8:00 – 5:00 every day); I had lab and demos yesterday, there’s an evaluation in PBL tomorrow and bright and early Staurday morning, there’s the SNMA Hypertension Clinic . Next week is a little less lecture-heavy but we’re still expected to attend right through the 4th. I can’t think of the last time I got enough sleep or had enough time to review everything I’d planned to go over in my schedule. I’m desperately trying to stave off burnout and trying not to freak out but it’s tough. Everyone agrees that Semester 2 is the worst possible semester to have to repeat. I wish I didn’t even have to think about it but I must admit, the possibility does scare me when I allow doubt to mess with my mind.

Second semester seems a lot like my 5K. It had a pretty good start but I hit a low point at around Mini II…maybe I’ll have surprising success at the end like I did in the race? Maybe I need an occasional chiding, something like “You’re going to get As, right? No way you’ll repeat.” Well, I’m going to do what I can: try to stick to my schedule and study until my eyes bleed up through the 18th. Until then, I may be hard to get a hold of, but feel free to comment/email/call me with some chiding/encouragement from time to time.

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One Comment on “Endurance”

  1. Gemma Says:

    Hey, you’re gonna get As, right? :>)

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