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The Evolution of 勉強

January 21, 2009

Last week, we received an invitation to a web lecture and offer for an ebook from a couple of Ross alums on how to make our study habits maximally effective and garner 4.0 averages. My average is not currently 4.0 so I was quite interested to hear/read their strategies. You can learn more about them here. After reading their ebook, I really started thinking about how I could use my time more effectively and whether or not I could manage straight As this semester. Here’s one week from my revised schedule:



How to Survive Semester 2

January 14, 2009

When other students tell you that semester 2 is tough, they’re not lying. Even the people I know who passed with flying colors can attest to moments of misery and my Mini III neuro grade was like a chess gambit that could have gone horribly wrong (but didn’t, thank God!). Even though the course work builds on what you learned in semester 1, semester 2 is a whole new ballgame. Here are some tips that might help you play it better than I did.

  • Kill the Practicals!

The practical exams in Anatomy, Histology and Neuroscience may not seem like big deals but doing well on them can save you a lot of stress and grief when it’s time for the shelves. Try to knock them out of the park or at least get a nice healthy B. For anatomy, spend time in the lab, go to TA sessions (and ask your pals about their TAs! Not all TA sessions are created equal; just because you’re assigned to one session doesn’t mean you have to attend it. Shop around!) Also, spend some time with skulls and guts. You can check out a skull from the anatomy secretary (if you sign one out on Friday afternoon, you can have it for the whole weekend!) For guts, you’ll have to wait until that dissection. For neuro, the TA sessions are also very informative (again, shop around – different TAs have sessions each night). The neuroscience society holds a mock practical (mocktical) before the first practical and it is well worth the $5 EC admission fee. For histo, ask around for the labeled or powerpoint slides.


The Orange Sticker and the White Envelope

January 11, 2009


Finally back on the island and officially registered for my third semester of med school! It kind of blows my mind that a bit less than a year ago (last March), I was visiting a 2nd year pharmacology lecture, full of yearning, wondering when it would be me sitting there writing down notes on antibacterials and lo, it turns out that my first real taste of pharm is tomorrow morning (we’ve got two hours of it)! I feel a bit silly for being so excited about beginning my second year of med school; even more so for being proud of myself for having come to this point when there’s still so much further to go. After all, the vast majority of our class passed and it’s not like I did it with straight As or anything, like some were able to do. Despite that, I was grinning when I received my atomic orange ID sticker and can’t wait to select a spot in Classroom 6, our new campus home. I also can’t wait for our first ICM section, if only to see how well the guys in my class clean up. We only have 4 classes this semester (not counting PBL): Pathology I, Pharmacology I, Microbiology and Immunology I and Behavioral Science. There’s also something on our schedule called CPC – I don’t know what that is but our first one isn’t until next Thursday so I guess I’ll find out then.

Even though I already miss home (family! friends! food!), I guess I’m glad to be back on the island. Let’s hope this semester will be my best yet…