The Mediasite Experiment

After a not disasterous but still disappointing showing on Mini II, I have decided to switch gears in my study style. As was recommended by the people at as well as several upperclassmen here, I have decided to forgo all lectures for which attendance is not mandatory this week and instead, adopt a “my pace” mediasite-based study regimen. Apparently, the point of mediasiting is to save time wasted by sitting in class and absorbing (or “actively listening”) and get more things done. We’ll see how that works out for me. Incidentally, this week is one of my busiest weeks yet – supplementary patient interview today, suture clinic or ICM review tomorrow (haven’t decided which one to bail on), SNMA’s Mini Med School on Thursday, 6 or more hours of lecture a day…and it doesn’t get easier. It’s week 10 – there are 36 days left in the semester and I’m going to need all the help I can get to scrape by with something respectable at the end. Updates may be infrequent, but maybe the time I save mediasiting will allow me to have an extra few minutes here and there…

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