The Saddest Review Question Ever

Courtesy of LWW’s BRS Pathology:

7. A 78-year-old man is found in his closed room unresponsive in bed after the first cold day of winter. There is a kerosene heater still on from the previous night. On attempts to rouse him, officers note the cherry hue of his lips, cheeks and mucous membranes. The likely mechanism of his death was:*

a) accidental ingestion of ethylene glycol

b) binding of carbon moxoide to hemoglobin

c) hepatic necrosis with fatty change

d) inhibition of hemoglobin production

e) inhibition of incorporation of iron into hemoglobin

Perhaps all this studying is making me a bit crazy, but this question nearly made me cry.** 5 days until the monstrous all-day final that will determine whether or not I can move on in my medical career or if I’ll be spending another semester on this island. Although I’m going over path right now, the biggest challenge is pharm; I’ll need a 70 to make it to Miami. If you’re a praying sort of person, keep me in your prayers. If you’re not, wish me well – I need all the help I can get.

*The correct answer is B.

**Because of the line break in the book, at first I thought it said ‘A 78-year-old man is found in his closet‘ and that just seemed like the most tragic thing in the world. And now, thinking of line breaks takes me back to my former life, and how this question stem could be made into a wonderfully morbid poem…

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