All Night Long – ER、その2

Last night’s ER shift was about a thousand times more awesome than my first. Over the course of the 9 hours we spent there (we were set free at 6 AM), we dealt with 2 car accidents, 4 sick infants, a volcanic abscess, a hernia, saw three pelvic exams, two ultrasounds and my rotation partner got to remove a catheter! The doctor in charge (Dr. F) was ridiculously cool and he showed us so many awesome things. He allowed us to watch him perform a lumbar puncture on a tiny, mysteriously febrile 3 month old (the poor thing!). I even got the chance to brush up on my fundoscopy (I finally saw a vessel! Hallelujah!). Our next shift is on Thursday and I think the same doctor will also be in charge, so I’m really looking forward to an excellent learning experience.

Even though I was exhausted, that wonderful, giddy ‘I’m going to be a doctor!’ feeling was with me all night. Dr. F would instruct us to go see a patient and I’d practically skip to their bed, grinning with excitement. I know the grins would start to fade if I were working every night, having to stick babies with sharp needles and push herniated bowels back through fascia and all of the other things that come with helping the ill and injured but at least for now, that wonderful glow of certainty that this is exactly what I’m supposed to be doing with my life is there and it makes me so happy. I can’t wait for Thursday.

Just for fun, here are some lumbar puncture videos. Our poor little baby didn’t even get lidocaine.

The volcanic abscess patient actually asked us to tape the lancing on his Blackberry. I wish I had that video to post too…

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