Half Crazy

A note to my Ross 後輩*: Miami might occasionally be breezy but don’t let anyone tell you that 5th Semester is a breeze. It’s week 7; we are officially in the latter half of the semester, and things have started to get crazy. After being brutalized by the midterm yesterday, I’ve been at my wit’s end trying to prepare for the slew of assignments due in the next week: a SOAP note (with a to-be-determined presentation date), a literature review (for which I am still scouring JAMA and NEJM to find research articles) and a 15-20 minute presentation on preeclampsia and eclampsia. Ahead lies the 45 minute full physical exam, the final and the Step. It’s enough to drive a person insane, or drive a person to doubt. Can I handle this? Am I smart enough for this? Can I make it through this?

It’s times like these that I have to put on some tea, cue up my mopey songs playlist and remember why I’m putting myself through all this madness. I’m reminded of how Musiq Soulchild got me through physics, how Bobby Caldwell inspired my personal statement** and how just 2 years ago I would’ve given anything to be where I am now. I think of how much fun I had in the ER, how much I learned, how good it felt to be there. There’s still half a semester to go, so when things get tough, I’ll just keep thinking about how lucky I am to be in med school, to have these opportunities, and how, compared to the stresses of residency, or being responsible for saving someone’s life, these few slings and arrows are nothing. Back to work!

*後輩「こうはい」kôhai – proteges, mentees; underclassmen

**Yes, I know it’s kinda weird that love songs are how I express my feelings toward medicine and this career on which I have embarked, but what can I say? It’s pretty much the love of my life.

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