And If You Don’t Know, Now You Know

Here’s what the White House has to say about health reform. Here’s info targeted to med students and healthcare providers.

Also, for extra-credit reading, check this out.

What do you think about the public option and health care reform in general?

<<a note for visitors – when people visit my actual house, I usually ask them to take off their shoes. It’s a quirk I picked up in Japan; it helps me keep my floors cleaner longer and really, it’s just how I like things done in my personal space. I don’t mind if people don’t take off their shoes in their own house because that’s really their choice, but in my domain,  shoes are left at the door – that’s how things go. If you’ve happened upon this blog, which is kinda like my virtual house, thanks for stopping by! With that said, I’m going to ask that if you’d like to comment on this particular post, please limit your comments to the parameters set by the question I asked.  I’m not the government and I’ve expressed neither support for nor aversion to the bill in its current incarnation. I’m just presenting a piece of information that I found interesting (to further the マイホーム analogy, think of it as a coffee table piece) and posing some questions about it. If you think the public option is ridiculous crap and can back up that opinion with other pieces of information (links, articles, inside info, etc.), feel free to share it. I’d love to know more about both sides of the argument. But no random rants, please. If your comment suggests you just stumbled in to track dirt all over my floor and not actually have an informed conversation about the public option or healthcare reform, I’m not going to approve it. よろしく!>>

<<p.s. grammar is a plus – English teachers (even former ESL ones) always notice.>>

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