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Scalpel-Wielding Robin Hoods of the Night!

April 5, 2010

So, now, we have healthcare!  I guess. Sort of. Well, actually, I know that I have healthcare because I just paid my $250 fee for it (and I’ll have to pay another $250 deductible and another $250 next semester…) so…good for me. But for ‘us’ as in, Americans? I’m glad that the legislation was passed (in spite of some of the truly ridiculous opposition to it) but it’s kind of just a rough draft to me and revisions will have to be made. Or else I might have to go out harvesting organs at night…

More info on healthcare reform:

the basics

what HCR means for us NOW (requires Medscape membership – if you are a med student or medical professional, you should sign up. It’s free :D)

back to studying…