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God Does It Again

May 20, 2010

(or, How I Finally Passed the COMP)

I had prepared myself for the worst. I had contingency plans B, C and D. I’d reached the very bottom of the pit of despair and actually had a meltdown in my bathroom, overcome with the fear of failing. But apparently, some diligent preparation and fervent prayer allowed me to succeed last Friday.

Here’s a summary of me sharing the good news with my parents:

Me: Hi Mommy! Guess what, I passed my test!

Mommy: Yeaaaaaaa!

Me: Hi Dadeeeee! Guess what, I passed the test!

Dadeeeee: You better have!

Me: … (more…)

Final Distance

May 10, 2010

It’s almost the day of destiny and although I’ve scored 198 on my last two NBME practice exams, I am not without anxiety. I suppose I should feel somewhat comforted that even my lowest NBME self assessment score is enough to pass the COMP but I’d feel even better if I weren’t skating on the underside of 200. Oh well. For this trial, all I need is to pass. Given the time it takes for ECFMG processing of the application to sit for Step 1, I’ll have a pretty nice chunk of time to bring my score up by 20 points (let’s hope) so I can have something nice to show to the residency admissions committees.

Thanks to everyone who’s been wishing me well, praying, encouraging and otherwise supporting me during this preparation. Let’s hope the third time’s a charm and that my next post will be one of triumph and jubilation. Wish me luck on Friday. I’ll check back in on the other side of the COMP.