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Family Medicine – Day 1

October 25, 2010

Finally, after six weeks of idleness, I have returned to action!

Well, the past 6 weeks weren’t exactly idle. Among other things*, I helped display an authentic set of samurai armor with some folks from the Consulate General of Japan at the NY Anime Festival, marched for the end of divisive politics, helped organize a Diamond Jubilee for my grandmother’s 75th birthday and spent a lot of quality time with my cousin’s baby, whose favorite things to do are jumping and gnawing fingers. Not that that stuff wasn’t exciting, but nothing beats the thrill of returning to my training.

Although my family medicine rotation is through St. John’s Episcopal Hospital, I will be spending most of my time at the office of Dr. Y in Rockaway Beach. When I stopped by the education office at the hospital on Thursday, another student told me about how awesome Dr. Y’s rotation is, so when I found out that I was assigned to him, I was delighted. The hours are 7:45 – noon (sweet!) and right from the beginning, Dr. Y put us straight to work. Having been out of practice for so long, I was a little flustered when Dr. Y directed me to call a patient in and begin the evaluation myself but by the end of the morning, I had gotten a little bit of my groove back. I even got to write someone a sick note! They also expect us to draw blood (which I’ve never done), so I can’t wait for tomorrow to see what we’ll be doing next. My rotation partner got to give a flu shot! We did get pimped a little and we covered a case of hypercarotenemia (lesson – don’t feed your baby strained carrots exclusively!) so it seems like we’ll be getting a lot out of the time we’re there. I even learned a little Yiddish (vainesh? = don’t cry). To top it off, some pharmaceutical reps came in a brought me a free grande hot chocolate! I’m really thankful for such a gentle reintroduction to my studies! Let’s hope that this rotation gets better and that I learn more by the day.

*One unfortunate event that occurred was the funeral of my 26 year old cousin, who was murdered in his home on October 11th, 2010. If you would like to take a stand against gun violence, please visit these websites or write to your elected officials.