Family Medicine – Day 12

I’m two weeks into my family medicine rotation and over the past 12 days (Sundays off), I’ve drawn blood, given shots and consulted with dozens of patients in every age group – highlights include a one-month-old with a cold,  a 7 year old who burst into tears at the mention of a flu shot but once done, mercilessly teased his sister about being scared and a psych patient whose son had died due to complications of Marfan’s syndrome. Although my heart still belongs to neonatology, I don’t think family medicine would be so bad.

Dr. Y continues to be amazing – it seems that he knows everything! Every morning, we go over at least one of his past cases and if we have time between patients, we discuss more. One of his practices serves and almost-exclusively Orthodox Jewish community so we’ve been able to review dozens of real-life case studies of some rare diseases that are prevalent in populations of Ashkenazi Jewish descent – today, we reviewed a case of Hemophilia C.

The only downside to rotating at Dr. Y’s practice is the neighborhood. The office is one block away from a housing project with a pretty bad reputation. Also, there’s a ton of construction going on in the area and the roads are horrible. Nonetheless, it’s turning out to be an excellent learning experience. 4 weeks to go – I hope they’re even more interesting than the last two.

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