Ob/Gyn, その2

It was as if all the best stuff in Ob/Gyn was saved for the final two weeks: more c-sections, another circumcision, a massive myomectomy and an honest-to-goodness dermoid cyst! The only thing that would have made it better is if the cyst had teeth. Oh, and if the rumored-to-be-pointless shelf exam actually didn’t count towards the final grade…

I’ve been extremely lucky so far with my clinical rotations. Every one has either lived up to my expectations or surpassed them, and Ob/Gyn was no exception. In addition to all the awesome experiences in the OR and with patients, the attending was great, his office staff was friendly and welcoming and even the lectures were informative and not just boring. Plus, six weeks of sun in Miami certainly kept SAD at bay for me.

One great thing about Dr. P was that he pushed us to keep studying throughout the rotation. He’d pimp us constantly, and although on one occasion, I was positively humiliated when he told me my answer to a scenario he’d posed was the absolute worst answer (lesson: in a patient with biopsy-confirmed endometrial hyperplasia, ablation is not the next best step.), he’d still pat us on the back, joke around with us, and refer to us as if we were colleagues. If any Rossies are headed to Miami for this rotation in the future, send me a message and I’ll tell you Dr. P’s name so you can request him. You won’t be sorry.

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