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September 1, 2011

So much for keeping promises. Just dropping in with a very exciting announcement – today at 8:00 am Eastern, ERAS goes live! Good luck to all the 医師の卵 participating in the 2012 match season. I’m sure everyone taking part probably already has their credit card at the ready but don’t forget to register at NRMP as well.

While I have had tons of stuff going on recently, I’ve had very little time and now that I’m in the midst of 14 days straight of 12 hour shifts (Surgery day call), free time will continue to be in short supply. In addition to a proper update on how surgery core has been going, stay tuned for tips on how to rock Step 2 CS (I passed!), what to do & what not to do for Step 2 CK (waiting on that score…), an account of how peds core went and more!