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Cold Feet

September 20, 2011

A peculiar thing happened after I received my first invitation to interview for residency. Watching the sun set over Brooklyn on a J train headed into Jamaica Center, I decided to check my email and there it was, waiting in my professional inbox – the possibility of a PL-1 position in the University at Buffalo’s pediatric residency program. Initially, I was dumbfounded and then, elated (I printed out the email and stuck it on the refrigerator) but then, doubts began to set in (it’s just an interview; scores of other applicants were invited for only 17 spots, what if I fail CK and they rescind the invitation? Why on Earth would they want me???) and then, I had a massive attack of indecision. Did I really want to commit my life to peds? Did I really want to deal with sick babies and zany parents every day? What about family medicine, where I could still do well-child checks, adolescent medicine and possibly dermatology? It suddenly seemed like every other field of medicine had endless possibilities but peds was a path from which, once set upon, one would never be able to veer. As soon as I accepted that invitation, I could practically hear the echo of a dozen doors slamming shut. (more…)