Decision 2012 – ‘Tis the Season

When I submitted my ERAS application on September 1st*, it was with the hope that out of the 70 pediatric residency programs to which my credentials were sent, one or two might be interested or even mildly curious and decide that out of the hundreds (thousands?) of applicants, they’d like to meet me. Never in my most optimistic musings did I imagine I’d receive the response I have had. Of the 70 programs to which I sent my application, 19 20 have invited me to interview. This is the very definition of blessed. Or maybe just lucky.

Of the 19 20 invites, I have accepted and scheduled 13 15. Of the 13, I have already attended 2. I’m not sure of the number needed to attend to ensure a successful match but among the invitations I’ve received are several hospitals I’d really like to work. Perhaps it’s because as a student from an off-shore school, much of the message I’ve received is akin to ‘you’ll be lucky to receive any interview invites’ that I’ve been so stunned by getting multiple ones. Maybe students at regular med schools always get invited to most of the programs to which they’ve applied so the idea of having several options is not a foreign concept to them. I still have a little trouble wrapping my mind around the idea that this many programs thought I looked good enough on paper to want to bring me in to meet in person. Here’s my interview season itinerary:

  • November 1st – Wright State University/Dayton Children’s Medical Center
  • November 10th – UTCOM Chattanooga/T.C. Thompson Children’s Hospital
  • November 17th – SUNY Downstate University Hospital
  • November 21st – University of Kansas
  • November 30th – Staten Island University Hospital
  • December 16th – University at Buffalo
  • December 19th – Albert Einstein Medical Center
  • December 20th – St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital
  • December 28th – Nassau University Medical Center
  • December 29th – Winthrop University Hospital
  • January 4th – Crozer-Chester Medical Center
  • January 5th – Penn State/Hershey Children’s Hospital
  • January 11th – Jersey Shore University Medical Center/K. Hovnanian Children’s Hospital
  • January 20th – Baystate Children’s Hospital
  • January 27th – Albany Medical Center

The next few months are going to be very interesting…

*I sent out my peds applications on the day ERAS went live. I later panicked and sent 40 applications to family medicine programs. I’ve had a surprisingly good response rate from them as well but you know where my heart is…

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