12 Resolutions, その2

Mere days after lamenting the fact that my Japanese skills have been withering from neglect, I discovered that a PGY-1 at my current hospital is wonderfully fluent. I was delighted, but also a little jealous. While it is pretty awesome to chat (even while getting the ‘wth?’ looks two non-Japanese people get when speaking Japanese), I couldn’t help but notice how ペラペラ his 日本語 was and how nicely he’s been able to maintain it, despite also being a medical intern, while my 日本語 is nowhere near as 綺麗 as it once was. I couldn’t even say ‘residency’*.

Now, I find I’m even more committed to brushing up my skills (español también!) – I wonder if there are any medical-themed 漫画、アニメ or ドラマ** that I can get a hold of…

**preferably ones starring 滝沢秀明

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