What is 医者の卵?

Isha no Tamago means doctor-in-training. Literally, it translates to ‘doctor egg’ (you know, like a chicken egg, when it hatches, it’s a chicken…yeah.) Isha no Tamago is a chronicle of my journey through med school, residency and other random things. It was also a convenient way to keep my pals and family in the know while I was studying until my eyes bled through my first four semesters at an off-shore med school in the Caribbean.

Who Am I?

There are many, many aliases. Most people call me Crys. I was a non-traditional medical student born and raised in Queens, NY. Now I’m a pediatric resident at a children’s hospital in the Midwest.

What’s a non-traditional med student?

A non-traditional med student is someone who doesn’t enter med school straight out of college or someone who switches careers from something else to medicine.

What’s an off-shore medical school?

Please read this post.

What’s with all the random Japanese?

Japanese is kinda like a side street down which I detoured on the road to med school. I usually describe it as a hobby gone awry because instead of majoring in biology like a good little premed, I spent a year abroad in Kyoto, got my BA in Asian Languages and Civilizations and spent another 2 years teaching in Hyogo Prefecture. And then I got back on track. But I still love the language, so don’t be alarmed if pops up on occasion.

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