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The Possible Prematch, その2

January 31, 2012

After I spent all weekend growing more and more comfortable with the idea of residency at program number 2, I receive an email informing me that their committee has decided not to offer any prematch contracts this year.Translation: Psych! What the huh? Why even bring up prematching in the first place if the committee didn’t intend to do it? The email went on to say something very tepid about how happy they’d be to see my name on their matched list in March but I’m a little skeptical about their sincerity at this point. I still like the program but perhaps other programs are more deserving of its spot on my list? I guess we’ll see how things pan out on Match Day.

Don’t Put All Your 卵 in One Basket

September 7, 2010

Since passing the Step, I’ve been telling pretty much everyone I encounter (family, friends, classmates at my high school reunion, random people in stores…) about how much I was looking forward to beginning my core rotations in September. I ordered three new consultation-length white coats. I read the Saint-Frances Guide to Clinical Clerkships. I finally got my drivers license, in case I’d have a long commute to the hospital. I submitted my location preferences to AskRoss(tm) and eagerly awaited that call from the Clinical Department. When it didn’t come, I decided to call them. Here’s how it went:

Me: I’m calling because I have not yet received any information about my initial clinical schedule. I just wanted to make sure that I’m cleared  and since I haven’t heard anything since the 27th, I wanted to see where I am in the process.

Clinical Dept. Person: What’s your name? Student ID number?

Me: Crys[…]

Clinical Dept. Person: Oh yes, you’ve been approved. You should be getting a call by the end of the week.

Me: Well, I know that the next round of rotations begins on the 13th, so, will I be able to start then?

Clinical Dept. Person: No, all rotations beginning on the 13th are full.

Me: [?!?!?!!!!] Well…when will the next spots be available?

Clinical Dept. Person: The next available spots will be on October 25th.

[Cue Music of Doom. Blackout]