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Emergency Medicine Elective, Week 1

May 11, 2011

Just thought I’d drop in with a brief update about how I’m going to lose my mind. On Monday I returned to SJEH to begin my four week Emergency Medicine elective, which is, while so far very exciting, possibly the worst rotation I could have chosen. Over the next couple of months I have  to prepare for Step 2 CS (June 17th), Step 2 CK (July 17th for now, may be changed) and get everything ready for ERAS and the NRMP. In addition, by the 20th of this month, I have to submit the materials required for my school to create an MSPE so spectacular that program directors’ eyes will burst from their heads with wonder at what a spectacular candidate I am. This is of course, after they have swooned from the thrill of how awesome my personal statement and letters of recommendation are and how impressive my CK score is. A high pressure elective (with a schedule of call that makes my study schedule nigh impossible to adhere to) in what is gearing up to be a season full of strain? Excellent planning there! (more…)

腎臓内科医の卵?- Nephrology Elective

April 18, 2011

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Last weekend, I flew in from Florida, enjoyed two nights of sleep in my old bedroom and set off on my first solo long distance drive to Johnson City, NY in order to begin a 4 week Nephrology elective at UHS – Wilson Medical Center. Nephrology is a subspecialty of Internal Medicine so by the end of this elective, I will have satisfied half of my IM elective requirement (the other half will be satisfied next month).  To be honest, I really wanted to get dermatology or allergy/immunology under my belt so as to appear more attractive to peds residency program directors but it turns out that nephrology is a lot more interesting than I thought it would be. (more…)