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Inside Out

November 18, 2008
Is everyone's rectum this red?

Is everyone's rectum this red?

Pictured to the left is a particularly vivid visual from a fascinating lecture we had yesterday on the ischio-anal fossa. The puborectalis is a part of the levator ani muscle – innervated by the by the perineal branches of S3 & S4, it forms a sling around the anorectal junction and keeps it closed so that the contents of the rectum don’t fall out (as they would if it were in a straight orientation). It relaxes during defecation, allowing the anorectal junction to straighten so that movement and expulsion of feces can occur. It also provides support to the bladder. Paralysis of this little sling could cause all sorts of problems, including rectal prolapse. Yikes! Although, it kind of reminds me of I.R. Baboon… (more…)

Flocculonodular Lobe

October 9, 2008

Can you identify the flocculonodular lobe?*

Usually, I’m not very good at gauging the outcome of exams. Sometimes, following a test, I feel as if I’ve been eviscerated. Sometimes, I feel like a wounded soldier, staggering home with the last of my strength. Sometimes, I feel a heavy sense of doom. And sometimes, like on Monday after Mini I, I feel this eerie sense of calm. I can never rely on any of the first three feelings because occasionally, the foreboding is warranted while other times, I’m just worried for nothing. But that peculiar calm…I never recognize it for what it is. The last time I felt it (prior to Monday) was during an Orgo exam while I was an HCP student. It was the second midterm and boy, was it tricky, but somehow, I finished early and spent the last 20 minutes sitting in my seat, serenely reflecting. An awesome tranquility had come over me and it wasn’t like a ‘yeah, I rocked that!’ sort of confidence but it was more like the feeling you get when you wake up after a good night’s sleep on a Saturday morning – unhurried, unharried and clear-minded. It wasn’t until I got my score (a 94) that I realized the significance of that feeling. And here again, I didn’t get that that was what was going on on Monday until I got my scores today: 3 As and 2 Bs.


Fun Fact from Biochem

May 15, 2008

Did you know…

that the FDA allows companies to label their products as having “no trans fat” as long as they have less than half a gram of trans fat per serving?

Last time I checked, none of something and less than half a gram per serving of something were not the same thing.

It’s still the first week of classes (right now, we’re taking a 10 minute break at the midway point through our 2 hour cell biology lecture) and by tomorrow, I will have had a lecture in each of our 1st semester courses. Tomorrow is also the White Coat Ceremony, which will be streamed live.

Uh oh, break’s over. Back to histology!