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How to Survive Semester 3

May 22, 2009

Although I promised to pen this post two weeks ago, I’ve hesitated, not just because in 4th semester you have to hit the ground running, but because, having passed 3rd semester by the skin of my teeth, I might not be the best source of advice. There are few concrete things I can point to that caused me to struggle so much with microbiology and, other than studying more diligently and not choking on Mini I, I can’t really think of what I could’ve done to avoid the difficulty I encountered. That said, here are my suggestions for making it through with less difficulty than I did: (more…)

There but for the Grace of God

May 5, 2009

One point. That’s all that stood between me and a repeat of third semester. It was tough, friends, but I managed to crawl one point past the minimum passing score in microbiology, thus ensuring my ascent to fourth semester. This is no great accomplishment – the MPS was pretty low and given all the time I put into studying, I probably should have done better. But I made it and I’m very, very glad. Fourth semester, here I come!

The death of my camera and some family issues have made this interterm break a bleak one but it has given me lots of time to relax and reflect on how I got myself into the situation with micro and how I can avoid such a situation again. I’ll be posting a ‘how to survive 3rd semester’ post later this week, but for now, forgive the long hiatus and allow me to enjoy a few more days of solitude.

Oh – one more thing: This semester, I’m president of the Ross Chapter of SNMA, a great organization that you can help by checking out our website and leaving a comment or donation.

Lots of stuff on the plate for fourth. I hope I can handle it.

Bugs, Drugs and Intestines

March 4, 2009

Excepted from an online study session:

友達:  quiz me on helminths
自分:  what do you use to treat taenia solium infection?
友達mebendazole, since it treats cestodes and trematodes
自分:  okay, i should have given more info
pt. presents with seizures and neurological symptoms and has cysts in brain and taenia solium eggs in stool
what do you use to treat?*
友達:  hm
自分:  what is taenia coli?**
友達:  i should know it
and i keep saying it
but i cannot remember
自分:  it sounds so familiar
友達:  haha we’re idiots
the three bands of the large intestine
i kept thinking it had to be a bacteria or something
cuz of coli
自分:  me too
i was just looking at the list of microbes
they should’ve named it something else

* According to Lippincott’s Pharmacology Review, for this case, you’d use Albendazole, which is the drug of choice for this type of infestation.

** We just learned this, last semester in anatomy. What is wrong with my brain?