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On Faith and Pharmacology

August 26, 2009

(Or, How I Survived Fourth Semester)

For most intents and purposes, to me, religion is a private topic. It has a place in my life but it’s not a banner that I wave everywhere I go. It’s something personal, something I’ll share if asked but otherwise, keep to myself. I’m not big on evangelism; I don’t like clubbing people over the head with my beliefs and I especially don’t like the stereotypes with which the people who practice my religion get painted, in broad, bigoted swaths. So it is with a measure of reluctance that I talk about the role my religion played in my triumph over the big bad final. When I began this chronicle, I made a promise to myself to make it primarily about my experience of med school and less about my personal life. Self (and readers), forgive me for my departure from that vow. (more…)

The Saddest Review Question Ever

August 15, 2009

Courtesy of LWW’s BRS Pathology:

7. A 78-year-old man is found in his closed room unresponsive in bed after the first cold day of winter. There is a kerosene heater still on from the previous night. On attempts to rouse him, officers note the cherry hue of his lips, cheeks and mucous membranes. The likely mechanism of his death was:*

a) accidental ingestion of ethylene glycol

b) binding of carbon moxoide to hemoglobin

c) hepatic necrosis with fatty change

d) inhibition of hemoglobin production

e) inhibition of incorporation of iron into hemoglobin (more…)

How to Survive Semester 3

May 22, 2009

Although I promised to pen this post two weeks ago, I’ve hesitated, not just because in 4th semester you have to hit the ground running, but because, having passed 3rd semester by the skin of my teeth, I might not be the best source of advice. There are few concrete things I can point to that caused me to struggle so much with microbiology and, other than studying more diligently and not choking on Mini I, I can’t really think of what I could’ve done to avoid the difficulty I encountered. That said, here are my suggestions for making it through with less difficulty than I did: (more…)

In The Trenches

April 8, 2009

Exams are upon us, so this will be my last post until after finals. Check out my crazy study schedule:


Green = behavioral science, yellow = pathology, orange = pharmacology and red = microbiology. Each hour block has a 10-minute break built in for stretching, snacking or wiping the blood out of my eyes. Gym is actually workout + pharm because it’s easy to read lectures while on the elliptical machine.

As you can see, it’s pretty heavy on the micro. Micro’s my lowest grade and it’s the course on which my ascension to 4th semester rides. Let’s hope I can make it through with some amount of diginity (or at least a respectable 3.0). Encouragement is always appreciated – I’ll need something other than Rumba to get me through these dark days ahead.

Bugs, Drugs and Intestines

March 4, 2009

Excepted from an online study session:

友達:  quiz me on helminths
自分:  what do you use to treat taenia solium infection?
友達mebendazole, since it treats cestodes and trematodes
自分:  okay, i should have given more info
pt. presents with seizures and neurological symptoms and has cysts in brain and taenia solium eggs in stool
what do you use to treat?*
友達:  hm
自分:  what is taenia coli?**
友達:  i should know it
and i keep saying it
but i cannot remember
自分:  it sounds so familiar
友達:  haha we’re idiots
the three bands of the large intestine
i kept thinking it had to be a bacteria or something
cuz of coli
自分:  me too
i was just looking at the list of microbes
they should’ve named it something else

* According to Lippincott’s Pharmacology Review, for this case, you’d use Albendazole, which is the drug of choice for this type of infestation.

** We just learned this, last semester in anatomy. What is wrong with my brain?