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Decision 2012 – Rank Order Lists & The Possible Prematch

January 28, 2012

Yesterday marked the end of the interview season for me and I could not be more relieved. After visiting 15 places over 12 weeks, I could hardly distinguish one program from another. Some had friendlier faculty, some had tastier lunches; some had nicer NICUs, some boasted better benefits. Even as I neared the end, I couldn’t help but wonder how I was going to be able to make my Rank Order List based on half-day snapshots of programs on their best behaviors. I knew which places were going to be at the bottom of my ROL (often before the interview day was even over) but the trouble now was deciding which should be at the top. Should I give more weight to university programs or community-based programs, free-standing children’s hospitals or hospitals within hospitals, programs closer to Queens or programs further from home? Was a “good feeling” enough to push a smaller, less prestigious program ahead of one with a better reputation? Do I have to be at an institution that does ECMO? What about salary? What about fellowship placements? What about availability of eligible bachelors? How could I make a decision about not only a 3-year commitment but possibly the course of my future based on such limited information?