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Why Ross?

April 3, 2008

In May, I will begin my medical education at Ross University School of Medicine, located in the Commonwealth of Dominica (not to be confused with the Dominican Republic), the “nature island” of the Caribbean. As I mentioned in my previous post, Ross is an off-shore med school. Hmmm…what’s an off-shore school? Why aren’t I going to an on-shore school?

First, some background info. I began the medical school application process last summer. I took the MCAT, wrote a brilliant personal statement, solicited and received letters of recommendation and sent my AMCAS application to 11 schools. At Thanksgiving, having received only a rejection and a wait-list notice, I sent my application materials to 4 more schools. After Christmas, I’d received a couple more rejections, another wait-list notice and ::gasp:: an interview invite! It was for SUNY Upstate, one of the schools in my top 5 (primarily because it was in NY, my home state). In my head, I’d been rehearsing how I’d nonchalantly tell everyone that it was no big deal that I’d been rejected by 15 schools so I was delighted and relieved to receive a real sign of interest. After all, once you’re at the interview stage, you’re practically in, right?