Say Ah…

mature cystic teratoma

mature cystic teratoma

Although it’s independence day back home, at Ross, it’s the Saturday before Mini II, so instead of celebrating, I’m trying to be diligent and review all of the pathology we’re covered over the past four weeks. While there’s probably a million things I’d rather do than spend my day looking at hundreds of pictures of diseased genitalia, this one, with its absolutely perfect caption (and three exclamation points), made me laugh out loud (in the middle of a crowded classroom, no less). Apparently, 25% of ovarian tumors are dermoid cysts and 90% of those have random contents like teeth, hair and sebaceous material. But seriously? Come on. Of all the things one would expect to find growing in one’s ovary, teeth is probably the very last on the list.

Back to the grind… Happy 4th of July!

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3 Comments on “Say Ah…”

  1. Debnet Says:

    how is this possible????????????

    • Thanks for stopping by! Teratomas arise from pluripotent cells (i.e., cells that have the ability to differentiate into any type of cell in the body). They’re most commonly encountered in the gonads – ovaries and testes – because of the abundance of germ-line cells found there.

      This case study from Brigham & Women’s Hospital (Harvard Med’s teaching hospital) does a better job of explaining it:

      “Teratoma is a neoplasm of germ cell tumors arising along the line of migration of the primordial germ cells. This tumor is composed of elements of all 3 germ layers. Ectodermal tissue is the most abundant, and typically manifests in the form of squamous epithelium, brain tissue, glia, retina, choroid plexus, and/or ganglia. Mesodermal tissue typically gives rise to bone and/or cartilage. Endodermal tissue may form bronchial and gastrointestinal epithelium, thyroid glands, and/or salivary glands.”

      For more info, check out eMedicine

  2. […] two weeks: more c-sections, another circumcision, a massive myomectomy and an honest-to-goodness dermoid cyst! The only thing that would have made it better is if the cyst had teeth. Oh, and if the […]

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