Circ du Soleil

What do you think this is for?

What do you think this is for?

Yesterday, I performed my third circumcision, this time under the direction of my senior resident (my first was supervised by the Attending and a senior who served as my assistant but who had to help after the adhesions I broke turned out to be between the prepuce and the mucosal layer; the second was supervised by the Attending who had to glove up to make my cut a bit longer). This time, I required no extra hands to help; the senior just stood at the ready and offered feedback. My adhesion-breaking technique is getting better and I’m a little more dexterous with the tools but ever since I saw an Attending perform a practically bloodless procedure in less than 15 mins during which the patient peacefully sucked away on sucrose and made nary a complaint, I’ve been on a quest to perform the perfect circ.

I’ve only got one more week of my newborn nursery block left but even if we get nothing but boys for the next 7 days, there is apparently a national shortage of the Gomco clamps we favor in the most commonly-used size. There’s only one kit left, carefully hidden away in the call room. Unless we get a rash of LGA babies who are very well-endowed (we’re overflowing with Gomcos in the next size up and Plastibells, which no one uses), I may only get one more opportunity to improve my technique. I am seriously considering purchasing my own circ supplies if a plaque of male infants does descend upon the nursery. I’ve also been watching videos of how to do circs with a Mogen device, favored by OBs and mohelim. I hope I don’t have the misfortune of only having 4 circs my whole block because the next time I cover the NBN, it’ll be *me* supervising procedures. Pray for boys, please.

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